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  • ES-101C

    Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

    Convenient Operation Through Touch Screen

    7'' color touch screen, friendly user interface, covenient operation. 

    6 Intefaces, More Suitable

    5 USB Interfaces +Ethernet Port. 

    Mouse, keyboard and printer can be connected freely, easy transmission of LIS data. 

    Multifunctional Incubator With Accurate Constant Temperature  

    Multifunctional incubator specially designed for chemistry and coagulation tests, different holes can be used to put sampe tubes, chemistry cuvettes, coagulation cuvettes, accurate temperature control, more efficient sample incubation. 

    Intelligent & Humanized Software

    More convenient to edit test items freely, clear presentation of real-time curve, calibration, quality control and sample results. 

    Powerful Inner Core, Huge Storage

    Storage of 200000 results, results are stored without pressure.